I have grown up in the outdoors with my grandfather teaching me to hunt and fish at a very early age.  I enjoy the beauty and love experiencing the wonders of nature.   I am very lucky to have had someone show me the hunting and fishing lifestyle.  I hope that I can instill the same outdoor values in my young children that were shown to me by my grandfather.  Because I want to enjoy every trophy that I take, I developed a better way of mounting my trophies to the wall.

I developed this mount out of frustration with the current hangers on the market.  I have had mounts fall off the wall and get damaged.  I have had screws break.  The biggest problem I have with the current hangers is they are very difficult to use.  You never know that you truly have a secure hook up when you hang your trophy.  I also wanted to improve the way the mount looks on the wall.  I wanted a flush, seamless mount tight to the wall with the fur tucked in behind the mount.  I have said for a long time that once we get our trophy back, hanging the trophy was the weakest link.  We spend a lot of money doing what we love and the trophies we take should get the hanger they deserve.  Inside the mounting plate pocket you can engrave the details of the hunt so your memories can live forever with your trophy.  Hope everyone can take a look at the videos and see why the TIMBER-LOC is the BEST WALL HANGING SYSTEM!

Travis Heffernon


Timber Creek Outdoors, Inc.

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