Thank you for your Timber-Loc™ purchase!
Below you'll find installation instructions as well as video demonstration:

  1. Choose a relatively flat, even wall surface with plenty of clearance for your mount. (Remove old external mounting mechanisms as necessary.)

  2. On the mount backer board, make a mark about 3” down from the top for smaller mounts or 4“-5” down for larger mounts, roughly centering left to right.

  3. Using that mark as the top starting point and the mount plate as a template, roughly trace a 3.5” circle on the backer board. Make sure the mount plate does not extend over the hide.

  4. Cut out and remove the circle using a 3.5“ hole saw. (Most backer board is 1⁄2” to 3⁄4” thick.)

  5. Press the mount plate into the hole, with the semi-circle at the top. When positioned correctly, mark the four screw holes and remove the plate.

  6. Using a 1/8” or smaller drill bit, pre-drill the four screw holes. Using a larger bit risks cracking the backer board and voids the warranty!

  7. Reinstall the mount plate with the semi-circle at the top. Secure it with four 1“ screws (included).

  8. On the wall where you intend to hang the mount, locate a wall stud and mark the center of the stud.

  9. Position the small, round wall bracket onto the stud center, aligning the holes vertically. Mark the holes, and set the wall bracket aside.

  10. Using the same 1/8” or smaller drill bit, pre-drill the two marked holes into the wall stud.

  11. Secure the wall bracket onto the wall with the small side against the wall, using the two 3” screws included.

  12. Double-check all screws to make sure they are tight.

  13. Hang the mount by hovering the mount plate pocket on the back of the mount over the wall bracket and sliding the mount down, allowing the mount plate to wedge itself into place on the wall bracket.

  14. Shift the mount left or right until you get the desired look. Gently tap the top of the mount back area to fully seat it.

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