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Timber-Loc Shoulder Mount Flush

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Flush Wall Hanging Trophy Mounting Kit

Timber-Loc Trophy Wall Mounting System for taxidermy shoulder mounts. Easy to install.

The Timber-Loc System: This new method for hanging your memories on the wall is essentially a two-piece system. It is flush mounting, very safe, super reliable, and extremely easy to use. In short, the Timber-Loc Wild Game Wall Hanging System allows you to hang your trophies on the wall more securely and with more confidence than anything else available.

Timber-Loc Shoulder Mount Flush

The most secure way to hang your mount.

Timber-Loc Wild Game Wall Mounting

One size fits all taxidermy wall mounting

  • Timber-Loc Wild Game Wall Mounting System for taxidermy shoulder mountsEasy to install
  • Mounting system securely flush mounts taxidermy shoulder mounts to the wall

How to Install

What Clients Says

After spending many thousands of dollars on a trip to South Africa, a large trophy bull Kudu, and the cost of taxidermy, shipping & customs, I couldn’t take a chance on a simple screw in a wall stud to mount this trophy. With a short internet search I located The Timber-Loc and knew it would be a far superior mount. It holds to the wall extremely securely and was a breeze to hang and adjust the mount on the wall.

Dave Shapira

System Analyst

These bucks were hung with 3 of the 5 Timber-Loc hangers that I purchased from you. I am spreading the word of what a value the Timber-Loc hangers are. While standing on a ladder to place the trophies on the wall, I very much appreciated how much easier it was to place the trophies over the wall mount part of the Timber-Loc, as opposed to trying to find a nail or screw! Now, on to hang 2 more trophies...

Terry B.

Art Director

Your product was very easy to install. I took a guess we would need all the shims and was correct - just the right with the thickness of the hide. But for the size of this guy it would have been a snap installing, however, he was so big it was like wrestling with a grizzly bear and took my 18 year old son and I both to hoist this guy up on the wall. About 60 to 65 pounds and very awkward. Thanks for your great product.

Daniel P.

College Professor
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