Timber-Loc Mounting Kit

(8 customer reviews)

One size fits all taxidermy wall mounting system that securely attaches shoulder mounts flush and tight to the wall.


Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 1 × 5 × 5 cm


8 reviews for Timber-Loc Mounting Kit

  1. Mark Jarrett

    Timber-Loc mount hanging this fantastic AZ bull.
    My AZ elk. I will need one for my buck too. I should get that back in 10 months. Great product, very easy to use and very durable.

  2. Daniel P.

    Your product was very easy to install. I took a guess we would need all the shims and was correct – just the right with the thickness of the hide. But for the size of this guy it would have been a snap installing, however, he was so big it was like wrestling with a grizzly bear and took my 18 year old son and I both to hoist this guy up on the wall. About 60 to 65 pounds and very awkward. Thanks for your great product.

  3. Terry B.

    These bucks were hung with 3 of the 5 Timber-Loc hangers that I purchased from you. I am spreading the word of what a value the Timber-Loc hangers are. While standing on a ladder to place the trophies on the wall, I very much appreciated how much easier it was to place the trophies over the wall mount part of the Timber-Loc, as opposed to trying to find a nail or screw!
    Now, on to hang 2 more trophies…

  4. Dave Shapira

    after spending many thousands of dollars on a trip to South Africa, a large trophy bull Kudu, and the cost of taxidermy, shipping & customs, I couldn’t take a chance on a simple screw in a wall stud to mount this trophy. With a short internet search I located The Timber-Loc and knew it would be a far superior mount. It holds to the wall extremely securely and was a breeze to hang and adjust the mount on the wall. I would gladly purchase again and will hang my future trophies with this system

  5. Caleb Pempek

    Awesome customer service and great way to hang a mount instead of the traditional hangars I would completely recommend to anyone

  6. Bryan

    This is the best game mount I have ever owned. I have two deer on the wall currently and bought two extras!

  7. Bryan Spragis

    Once had a mount fall and damage a horn as a result. Discovered this mount and have not worried since. The new shims give a custom fit and once your get it how you want and give a small tap, it is rock solid. No more worries. Highly recommended

  8. Tammy

    Our Elk Mount looks beautful and the instructions were very easy to follow. Need to buy 2 more for our antelope. This is a must buy!

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Customer Satisfaction

Industry’s best big game taxidermy shoulder mounting system!

The flush-mount design of Timber-Loc creates a seamless and visually striking display that enhances the beauty of your trophy.


Installed and up in less than 20 minutes.

Easy to Install: Timber-Loc comes with all the necessary hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, making installation a breeze and rated to support up to 100lbs!

Lifetime Guaranteed

Made from high-quality materials, Timber-Loc is built to last a lifetime, even in high-traffic areas.

timberloc on wall mount

One Size Fits All

This innovative taxidermy kit is specifically designed to provide the most secure way to hang your shoulder mount. Its flush-mount design allows for a seamless and professional installation that looks like your trophy is floating on the wall, creating a visually striking focal point in any room for any shoulder mount.

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