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The Timber-Loc Texidermy Mounting Kit distinguishes itself through a unique combination of versatility and a secure mounting system, making it the premier choice for showcasing taxidermy shoulder mounts. Its universal fit accommodates a wide range of shoulder mount sizes, ensuring compatibility with various trophies. The secure mounting system guarantees a rock-solid attachment to the wall, preventing any instability or sagging over time. This dual emphasis on adaptability and security positions the Timber-Loc Mounting Kit as an unparalleled solution, offering users the flexibility to display their prized trophies with confidence and in a visually striking manner.


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Rock-Solid Security

Experience unparalleled confidence in displaying your prized shoulder mounts with the Timber-Loc Mounting Kit’s rock-solid security. Our innovative design delivers a secure wall attachment, establishing a foundation of stability that eliminates any concerns of sagging or shifting over time. This steadfast assurance ensures that your taxidermy collection remains impeccably showcased, preserving its visual impact for years to come.

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Customer Testimonial

I did not like the previous bracket on my mounted elk. When I saw this product on Amazon I thought it would be more sturdy so purchased it and rehung my elk. I had a question about the product and called the number on the box, they answered the phone on a Sunday evening and took great care of me. Customer service was above and beyond. I did have to use the spacers that were provided. The product was easy to use and the mount is very sturdy on the wall. Great product and great customer service!

Lee Ann

This is a premium well made mount. Easy installs to back of your taxidermy with the use of a 3.5" whole saw bit. The design makes final attachment to the wall a breeze. Design allows your mount to hold close to the wall with no gaps and can easily be rotated to level up. Shims included for differing hide thicknesses if needed. The mount effortlessly holds my 60+lb Bison mount. Highly recommend.

Kimberly Halliburton


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